Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Dub Dub Dub Dub Dub, JUNIORS!

Tomorrow's the day. Bukas na ang araw na pinakahihintay natin. Bukas na natin malalaman kung ang lahat ng ating pinaghirapan ay magbubunga. Bukas na ang araw na mapapasaya natin si Sir Mendoza.

I felt very happy yesterday nung natapos ung practice. Pagod, pero malaki ung feeling of pride. Napataas ang tingin ko sa inyo, batchmates! Seryoso. And a while ago, nasiyahan ako kasi marami ang angsupport dun sa Juniors Tattoo. And what made me more happier is the booth na may messages. Nakita ko na inspired kayo, nakita ko na gusto nyong lumaban at manalo. Sure, alam naman natin na hindi lahat feel ang cheering pero sana, yung mga taong iyon ay aayusin bukas. Isang beses lang tayo mag-ccheer, isang beses lang tayo magiging Junior, kaya sagarin na natin. Tama nga si Tristan, 1 and a half month na lang tayo magiging Junior, kaya dapat galingan na talaga natin. Sa mga taong absent nung wednesday, magpractice kayo bukas. Magpaturo kayo kung anong gagawin, kayang-kaya nyo pang humabol. Yung practice nung wednesday, dapat higitan pa natin. I-memorize ang lahat ng cheers. I sent a link. Sa mga wala pang handprops, gawin nyo na. Don't forget the wave and the golden gauntlet and the garter (to those who have), bring safety pins too para sa lahat. Kayang -kaya to, ito'y nasa dugo! Wear black pants (maong,jazz,jogging) and dominantly white shoes. Girls, please tie your hair. Mag energy drink na kayo if you think kailangan nyo.

San-tibok! San-dugo! San-sigaw! Azul, kayan nating magpunyagi!

And to end this entry, here's a picture that truly inspired me today:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sa wa lo pat!
Ang juniors nandito na!
Ma nim to lo!
Kapit na dahil heto na!

*(Instrumental)* - 10 sets of 8

CSA Cheers and Yells
Up-up-up, the eagles fly fly fly,
From above, they look you down;
C-S-A controls the sky
C-S-A’s the best in town

(Intro) (Staccato singing)
Up up up. The eagles fly.
From above. They look you down.
CSA. Controls the sky.
CSA’s. the best in town.

Fight Eagles, Fight Eagles
Fight. Fight. Fight.
Go-go-golden eagles
Go-go-golden eagles
Men of might, golden eagles
Fight / Fight / Fight /
Men of might, golden eagles
Fight, Fight, Fight!

Flap, flap,flap, down like flies,
all the teams fall to the ground,
come on now you little owls,
show your face, we’ll blow your eyes
Flap,flap,flap, swing, swing, swing.
Fly, fly, fly, beat your wings!
Kill with the bill! Flap with the wings!
Flap, flap, flap, swing, swing, swing!

Golden eagles, show your claws,
grab those birdies by the neck,
don’t be afraid, they have no paws,
they don’t bite, they hardly peck.

Don’t pity them no! (prolong “no!)

They all go to yell!
There’s none left to tell!

Red feathers, fight! /
Golden eagles, win! /
Show them your might! /
Give them a swing.

Golden eagles keep the fight,
Don’t give up the golden crown.
Golden eagles, show them why
You still are the best in town.
When you’re up, you’re up /
They are down, they’re down. /
Hold them by the top /
Keep them upside down. /

We told you the eagles fly,
we told you you’re bound to die;
now you have to bow and cry
for the eagles rule the sky.

Red is their blood,
Gold is our prize;
Red is their face, gold is our heart.
Red, gold, red, gold-yeah! (3x)
Red and gold! rah, rah, rah, rah!
C / S / A / rah, rah, rah!


Mabuhay! Ang dakila!
Humanda na! Heto na!
Juniors! (2,3,4) Juniors! (2,3,4)

Sabay sabay ang pagtibok ng puso, ng Juniors!
Sabay sabay pumipintig ang puso, ng Juniors!

(Si-no dakila? Ang Juniors!
Juniors! Dakila! Mabuhay!) 2x

San-tibok! /
San-dugo! /
San-sigaw! /


Hahanapin ang ninakaw na puso
Ipapakita ang tunay na sapiro
Lalaban hanggang sa dulo’t dulo ng mundo
Humanda na dahil juniors ay nandito

Bughaw! Bughaw! Lumilitaw!
Sigaw! Sigaw! Pumapalahaw! Ha!
Sabay! Sabay! Ipakita!
Agos! Agos! Sapirong Mandaragat!

Kami ang Juniors
Lalaban na!
Kami ang Juniors
Sasakop na!
Sapiro! Sapiro!
Hu-manda kayong lahat!
Sapiro! Sapiro!
Ang juniors ay sasabak na!

Sapirong Mandaragat! HA-HA!
Sapirong Mandaragat!
Ma-ta-kot ka!
Tibok ng puso’y di mawawala!
Kukunin ang puso, halina’t bawiin!
I-balik ang dub-dub-dub!

*(Instrumental)* 2 sets of 8

Mabuhay, bigay pugay!
Itaas ang noo!
Malaks at maingay!
Tibok ng puso!
Dub dub-dub dub-dub! Juniors!
Dub dub-dub dub-dub!
Huhahataw na kaming mga Juniors!
Pa-panalo! Zul-azul-azul-a-tres!
Di papatalo! Kami Juniors!
(4 counts)
Husay! Ang husay! J-U-N-I-O-R-S!
Tibay! Ang tibay! J-U-N-I-O-R-S!
Tibay kung tibay! Lakas kung lakas!
Basta’s tayo’y magkasama, walang aatras!
Dub dub-dub dub-dub!
J U N I O R S!

Sapirong Mandaragat

Sorry cause this is the only way i could think of so that I could be able to impart my thoughts. Please read and digest.

I made this post early so all of you can read it: to tell you frankly (as i've been told) our batch ranks fourth in the practices. Laos tayo sa freshies and sophies, not to mention sa seniors. Guys, nag-enjoy naman kayo sa prom na ginawa namin for you, right? It's now time to get serious naman! It's not for the council naman e, it's for you. IN THE HISTORY of the high school, ang JUNIORS ay laging may place, naglalaro lang yan sa FIRST AND SECOND. Tayo ba ang magiging first na WALANG PLACE? And if we lose, yung record na ginawa natin sa first year is nothing but CHAMBA. Guys, we're fighting for HONOR here. Tapos pag natalo, sasabihin nyo counci, sasabihin nyo teachers ang may kasalanan. Eh you guys naman ang di kumikibo eh. WALA KAYONG PAKI. YOU GUYS ARE SO INSENSITIVE. I don't know what's the problem. DID YOU KNOW THAT OUR TEACHERS SAID BEFORE THAT WE WERE THE BEST BATCH THEY HAVE HANDLED? And now, where’s that greatness? It’s very sad to say pero it must be down in the dumps na. And if you’re wondering kung bakit di nagppractice with us si sir Mendoza, it’s because he’s handling the cases of our batch mates. LET US NOT GIVE HIM MORE REASONS TO BE SAD. He REALLY LOVES OUR BATCH pero eto tayo, INSENSITIVE. GUYS, so please, kahit di naman champions, makapagbigay naman tayo ng maayos na laban. Sabi nga ni Sir Mendoza, WE COULD LOSE FIGHTING BUT LET US NOT LOSE DAHIL NAGKALAT TAYO. Ang funny thing pa, you guys are always about the PRIDE AND THE GLORY, but where’s all that? I DON’T SEE IT. HANGGANG SALITA LANG PALA KAYO EH. Kaya please, LAST DAY OF PRACTICE TOMORROW. AYUSIN NA, PLEASE? PLEASE LANG. GO TO THE COVERED COURT AT 7 AM PARA FC NA AGAD. ETO PA PALA, DON’T ASK ME WHAT TIME’S PRACTICE WHEN YOU DON’T PRACTICE WELL NAMAN. GUSTO NYO LANG MAKAMISS NG CLASSES EH. Please lang JUNIORS, it’s NOT TOO LATE. Kaya pa. DAPAT TALAGA CHAMPIONS TAYO. OKAY? :)

P.S. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Written In The Stars: President's Final Report

July 5, 2008- Summer
The Junior Council Executive Board had their ocular at different hotels in the Metro. Their first stop was the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Love at first sight. They knew that the hotel was perfect and they knew that their batch mates would love to have their promenade there. Due to the tight sched of Rizal Ballroom, the council had to look at other options such as the Manila Peninsula and the Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

School Days
Weeks after their ocular, the council received a call from Makati Shang confirminng their booking on the 7th of February. It was perfect. Upon knowing this, they immediately got to work in making their prom the best prom possible.

Fast Forward to February 7, 2009
Pre-Prom work at the hotel. The council was surprised with the beautiful transformation of the Rizal ballroom into a Hollywood-themed venue. The Juniors partied and had fun but felt like time flew by so fast. Like they say, time flies fast when you're having fun. After the prom, everyone went to different after-prom parties. but what was truly important was that they spent the night as a batch together in those 6 hours of laughter and merrymaking.

The JUNIOR COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD would like to thank everyone for making the promenade a success.

Truly, undoubtedly, February 7 was a night Written In the Stars

Friday, December 26, 2008

Poundage Report

As of 12-26-2008, 2219H

Before the Christmas Jubilation: 140 lbs

Now: 148 lbs.

Duude! I never ate much. Demmet.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Filipino Twilight? WTF?

So yeah, it's been spreading that news of a Filipino remake is currently in production.

-> WTF.

Here are the links I found on the subject matter.

Here's a homebase site dedicated to it:
Here's what the official website of Ryan Seacrest says:
It's even in Perez Hilton's site:

haha. it could be a very funny sitcom.

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Wishlist for the Holidays!

Planning to give me a gift this Christmas? Check out this list. :))

  • Supras- I want new kicks. It could be Sky Tops or Vaiders. It's all up to you.
  • Dragon Eyewear- To be more specific, Phase White Jumps! Oakleys work for me too.
  • Zoo Yorks- Cheaper than Supras but still great kicks.
  • WIP Caps- Bird On Da Wire!
  • Topman Polos- I want those long sleeves.
  • Billabong Boardshorts- Summer's near na eh. Somethin' for my Bora Trip
  • All those Filipino-ish accessories- You know how I dig patriotic fashion. :)
  • Shorts- Volcoms and Hurlyes will be nice.
  • iTunes Gift card- 'Nuff said!
  • Ballers- I want those charity helping ones like "11:11 AM" and ""
  • Caps- Those flex ones
  • Boxers- cause it's gonna be cold in the holidays
  • Shirts- size small. those that pack a punch (Greyone, Topman, SPF, LRG, Hurley, Volcom, etc.)
  • Skullcandys- Not the black Hesh ones please, i got those already
  • Holga films- in DIRE need of such. :))
Those are just some. :))
Merry Christmas!